Hair cuts, baked potatoes, and sunshine (SQT)

Another Catholic mom blog I read, This Ain’t the Lyceum, does a Seven Quick Takes feature regularly. It’s not all that dissimilar to what I was posting before my meal plans, so I figured I’d give it a go.

  1. AD’s hair was getting pretty shaggy. He’d had me trim here and there, but otherwise had been wearing it longer than usual, and styling it now and then. Apparently, it was starting to bother him. Yesterday, I was trying to get into my bathroom to grab a hair dryer to help GJ after her bath, and it was locked. I asked to get in and AD refused, asking me what I needed. I figured maybe he’d smuggled his phone in and was playing on it. Then I heard the zip, and knew he was in the barber tools. After a lot of coaxing, I got him out of the bathroom, but he was visibly embarrassed with his mishap in trying to trim his own hair. I reassured him I was in no way angry, and that I’d either fix it or we could go somewhere and have a professional do it. He finally agreed to let me fix it and is now sporting a very handsome Roman style cut.
  2. Somehow, I missed that the bottom oven on the stove I hate but am stuck with until it dies a natural death, has a delay timer. I gave it a go today and am unreasonably excited for what this means. I was able to prep our baked potatoes (scrub, grease up, salt-if you don’t do this, you’re missing out) and toss them in, then set the timer to start one hour before I get home from the library. I walked in to perfectly baked potatoes ready for lunch. It’s awesome.
  3. Following the mishap with AD’s hair yesterday, I had to clean up all the hair that was no longer on his head. Since I had to do that, I figured the shower was due for a cleaning, and WikiTree work was light for the day. I cleaned the shower. I hate cleaning that darn thing. It needs resealed, so nastiness gets behind the caulking. Then I cleaned the rest of the bathroom and did a bit more decluttering. It’s all shiny now. And my hands are yelling at me, because I use chemicals there I refuse to use anywhere else in the house due to the yuck factor.
  4. We celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph in a lovely way. We went to our local Italian American Heritage group’s luncheon and altar. It was beautiful. The lunch was delicious. I brought guantis (wandas) home for Andrew since he couldn’t go. AD stayed home since he was sick with a head cold. The girls and I then went to the downtown library, where a small miracle occurred (thanks, St. Lawrence!) and I only owed $1.25 in late fees and my card was renewed without arguing over residency requirements. It made my day. DJ is in love with the huge manga collection they have and I was thrilled we’d be spending less on feeding her and AD’s current love of the books. The littles enjoyed a scavenger hunt in the children’s section. We grabbed coffee in the Smokey Row drive-thru on the way home. Then that evening we had a white lasagna for supper. It was super yummy and used a cauliflower alfredo sauce which made it so much lighter. Heavy food is not my favorite.
  5. Growing up I loved reading works by Edgar Allan Poe. I had his complete works in my Kindle library, and decided to queue it up and start working through it when I was in between real books. The first story in it is the Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. My impression in finishing it was…. hm. Ha. There were sections that were interesting, classic Poe, and there were sections where I was wondering why I was still reading this. He dug a little too far into trying to explain maritime history and mechanics. It didn’t help the story. At all. It felt light in the other sections, too, where he was digging into the fantastical and horrible. I wish he’d done more there. Those boys were stuck on that first raft waaay longer than we heard about their voyage south. Not Poe’s best work, for sure. I am glad it’s done.
  6. The weather here has finally decided to be springy. So nice. The kids are outside each day. I am still not in the clear for venom allergy issues, but hope to get out a little each day and do some cleaning or updating. I have some plans, but am kind of waiting on some input from the allergist before I do more. In the meantime, the kids are using the hammocks and swings like crazy, and are enjoying walking up to the very swollen pond to see if the level has moved any. It’s higher than it’s ever been, since we bought the place almost 14 years ago.
  7. I keep putting bugs in ears about starting a small library at our parish. One of the biggest concerns I’ve seen since joining the Church is that so few members really understand their faith, and books, one way of learning, aren’t easy to borrow/are cost prohibitive to buy. Most public library’s collections are wanting. I have a nice collection myself and would gladly donate it if I knew it would be getting good use. I think we’re a little closer now, and talks of possibly updating the cry room to also serve as a library (again, as it turns out, it once was just that) and change up some furniture they already have to get things rolling. I am doing some research to see what the best plan will be, as compared to how we do things at our little town library. Any library makes me happy, and a new one filling an obvious need gets me all excited.
Part of the altar for St. Joseph’s feast at the Italian American Cultural Center

Those are my takes this week! Here’s the link up for the rest of the blog world’s.


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