Manga, Manga, and more Manga (SQT)

  1. As noted from the title, this week, and the couple of weeks prior, have been filled with manga. I mentioned to the kids that I had checked the DMPL and they had a large manga collection that would better satisfy their needs than my puny pocketbook and we were off to the races. Since that moment, I have found stacks of manga all over the house, had requests for holds in order to get manga from distant DMPL branches, and make one to two trips to our nearest branch to retrieve said manga each week. I love that the kids are passionate and are reading so much here lately. I did mention maybe we should see if we can find a book on something else they’re interested in, like ramen or chopsticks. They looked at me with blank stares and went on their way.
  2. Tuesday I attended a community input meeting about the town of Pleasantville. The town has clearly been dying instead of growing the last several years and it seems the powers that be are ready to do something about it. They’ve hired McClure Engineering’s Placemakers to help set some strategy to turn things around. I think it’s a good idea. There’s a lot of potential with how the town is situated near so many bigger cities and attractions. It’s going to be a lot of work. One of my main concerns in going was to support and inform on behalf of the library, which is filling so many of those check-boxes brought up at the meeting as necessary to growth. We want to make sure our historic building is not replaced with some new, ugly, modern corner in a rec center, which has been tossed around and dreamed about by the half the city council and manager for some time. I think the rec center would be a great addition, but the city supporting the library which already exists and does so much for the community is more important. We’ll see what sort of plan unfolds. As a side note, on my wish list was a real grocery store/cafe like we used to have (but better-it was getting run down and I want a focus on local stuff) and a brewery/pub. I like local things. And they’re good for towns.
  3. We went from finally all getting over what was likely influenza to getting a new cold. The little girls are the most miserable but seem to be coming out of it now after several days. I am hoping it’s one we big people have already had so we might get lucky and skip it. Easter is almost here!
  4. It has been so windy here. It’s almost getting frustrating because there’s constant white noise that is never there. Loud, loud wind. We have deck boards off our back deck right now because we are doing some major overhauls and you can stand and watch it move back and forth. It makes it hard to be outside, despite reaching reasonable temperatures each afternoon. Here’s hoping it blows away soon.
  5. Andrew and I were doing some walking around the property last weekend, and discussed taking down the old play set the kids had, as the wood is no good in it. I mentioned we should keep the slide somehow, though, as it’s a little bigger than our others, which are all toddler slides, as IE loves it. He took it off and we kind of looked around and was stumped as to where we’d put it. I mentioned we could put it off the east side of the front porch, which he kind of chuckled at, looked and said no, it wouldn’t work as the drop is too far. Then I looked harder and said fine, take out some of the railing and put it off the front between bushes. And he did. And the kids love it. And we win parents of the weekend. We’ll also move the little metal swing set up to the front yard so I can watch the little girls from the front living room during high wasp hours.
  6. It’s picking season! So exciting. We’ve been twice so far and though we didn’t get a whole lot yet (both towns were pretty dismal), it’s fun to be out scavenging again. My main picking list is for the library. I still am looking for clothes for kids and a few smaller items I use and find regularly, but overall, it’s library stuff. When you’re on a budget, you soon see how useful curb shopping is, if you’re willing to dig through other people’s trash. It’s funny to look back and see how shy I was when we began. Now I feel like those throwing the stuff away rather than donating it somewhere are the ones who should feel some shame. So much is still so usable. You just need to think on where it can be sent. Case in point, we weeded a ton of audio books at the library, as we’d purchased more than we could keep on the shelves. We were standing there trying to figure out the best place to send them when I stumbled on the idea of seeing if our local nursing home would be interested for residents. Awesome-director-lady gave them a call and they were absolutely thrilled. We both loved seeing them go somewhere they’ll be loved and being able to help our local community. Though I love picking, I’d love it even more if people tried to send stuff where it can be used instead. We’re such a throwaway culture.
  7. It’s one of our birthday seasons now. Late March opens it with my uncle, sister, grandma, and husband. Then we hit April with my nephew, brother-in-law, mom, mom-in-law, as well as various cousins on both my and Andrew’s side. Last weekend we celebrated my adorable nephew’s birthday and this weekend I’m barbecuing chicken for mi madre. All that, and Holy Week is NEXT WEEK PEOPLE. My menu plan post will be up shortly and reflect all the things. I am excited. It’s another big Easter season for us with friends joining the church!
Yay for porch slides!

This post is part of This Ain’t the Lyceum’s Seven Quick Takes blog party. Go check out some of the other participant’s here.


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