Teeth, Time, and Tardiness (SQT)

  1. I’ve been bad about blogging. My brain just goes in spurts after that stupid wasp incident and I’m still dealing with moments where I just can’t focus. I try. I have good days and bad days, and there’s definite improvement. The unfortunate truth is, as long as the stress causing thing is still present, which stinging things most certainly are this time of year, the stress response will not lessen. I’m better than last summer, but have certainly noticed that my difficult moments have increased with the temperature and sunshine. I have so many things I want to work on-writing, research, reading, etc but I just can’t focus. I am trying to be patient with myself, but not everyone knows about my troubles and I get frustrated with their response when I can’t pull a word out immediately or a name when talking to them. I can tell by their response they assume I just don’t know or I don’t deem something important when it’s really a literal block there in my synapses not retrieving what I want to say. At least my blog is forgiving. Even if no one reads, it’s a place to talk, apart from my private journaling.
  2. I met with our DRE last week and very exciting-we’re getting that parish library started! We chatted for quite a while which was nice in itself. One thing I’ve noticed that is a major difference in attending our Catholic parish versus the Protestant ones I grew up in is the number of opportunities to just relate and get to know people. We had coffee time after every service growing up with cookies and coffee, and once a month a potluck, where you could just sit and talk with people and get to know them. That doesn’t happen as often here. I appreciate the respect for the mass and the fact that we shouldn’t be consuming anything for awhile after receiving Christ’s body and blood. At the same time, having moments to just chat need to be fitted in elsewhere. I am hoping that it’s part of the renewal plan the parish is working on. In the meantime, it looks like my contribution will be managing the library. Laura (the DRE) and I hammered out lots of details and are working to launch of cart of books in June. I am talking with another local parish in Des Moines who has a full library (they have a parochial school) and wants to donate some to us. We should have a great start. I am using TinyCat to keep track of our catalog, even though we’ll be going old-school with cards in pockets in the books to check out so it will <hopefully> be mostly self-serve.
  3. I cut back my hours at the library. I sensed the kids needing more mom time and mom needing more kid time. When I started I put in about 6 hours a week, then we adjusted Wednesday hours and I was putting 8+. I’ve cut back to 6ish again, freeing our Fridays back up, which works out nicely since we’ve moved piano back there, too. I can do a little more with the archival work I do for the library from home, as well. Just being with each other makes all the difference.
  4. We’ve been having issues with a smelly house, no matter how much cleaning I do. We tracked it down to naughty dogs getting lazy and peeing on rugs. First we got a new rug cleaner. Ours was about 30 years old, so it was time. It works great, but it didn’t solve the issue. The kids have been more diligent in watch their pets to make sure they’re taking care of their pottying needs, but they still end up being naughty, so we removed the rugs, which made a big difference. There’s still some lingering smells to track down. I think the long winter developed bad habits all over the place. Or I am just hypersensitive to smells. Either way, I’m on a mission and making progress, but it means a louder house without rugs to cut the echo from the wood.
  5. I went to the dentist for the first time in….. yeah, I don’t know how long it’s been and it may be that it was before Andrew and I were married, so there’s that. Don’t yell. We haven’t dental insurance and it was just never the priority it probably should have been. My crown of 14 years broke a couple years back, and I knew I had a cavity on a tooth behind it, so it was time, because pain. The broken crown was fine, but the cavity was not. I couldn’t decide where to go, tried to make an appointment at a low cost clinic but couldn’t get in, tried at another place but looked at the reviews which revealed it was an awful place to go, talked to some folks at our church last-Tuesday-after-mass potluck, then remembered my grandma talking sweetly about her dentist, and just went with him. I was nervous. I expected awful news. I sent some prayers up to our Blessed Mama on the way in and she heard me. Dr. West was fantastic. Gentle. Forgiving. His bedside manner was wonderful. He agreed, I need to take care of the crown, but after some x-rays the only other issue was indeed the cavity, and the cost to get things into line again was going to be in the hundreds instead of the thousands. That doesn’t include a new tooth to replace the crown, but I’ve lived without a tooth there for awhile, so I am fine with waiting and saving for some sort of replacement. And his office costs were so much less than the numbers I see on the kids’ dental bills (for which they have insurance). It was a big sigh of relief. I am almost looking forward to getting the work done. Almost.
  6. I’ve been using my new Journey journaling app like crazy. I freaking love it. I like blogging, but I can put our mundane days in there, which I do enjoy reading about in later years. I can put all my book highlights and quotes in to read later. I can put little snap shots. I can put the recipes and notes from our feast day celebrations. I can put everything in. I started with a month to month membership, but have now just gotten the lifetime license. I can export it regularly to back it up into a PDF form so I don’t lose those details. I’ve been importing my old blog posts and social media posts, which is awesome. All of it in one place, and it has a fantastic search engine if I need to find something. Between it and my planner, I feel like some days I might have things all together.
  7. We have eggs and bananas coming out our ears. Our gals are laying like crazy so we’re having egg casseroles, egg sandwiches, dutch babies, and popovers at near daily intervals. And our neighbor was given a box of green bananas, which she gave to us. We’re loaded.

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